Customer Charter

At Horton Building Plastics we want to lead the way in service, value and social responsibility. That’s why we’ve put together our Customer Charter, to let you know what to expect and to demonstrate our commitment to ‘continual improvement’.

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Nobody will go further than us in providing outstanding service to you

  1. We will listen to and act upon feedback from you on ways to enhance your shopping experience
  2. We will continue to invest in systems and infrastructure that improves the service we provide
  3. Your success is important to us, so we promise to help you enhance your own business through our marketing and advertising strategy
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We will offer continuous development opportunities to allow our employees to grow their careers

  1. We will recruit friendly staff always available to help you
  2. We will promote an environment in the workplace that is fun and allows our employees to be at their best every day
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Product & Value

We will always provide the quality products you need at competitive prices

  1. Our suppliers will be selected based on the quality, value for money and fulfilment route that is right for you
  2. We will work with our suppliers to bring you amazing offers every month
  3. We will continue to look for new and innovative products and services so that we can bring them to you first
Corporate Social Responsibility Icon

Corporate Social Responsibility

We will be environmentally responsible in all our activities and promote this principle to our customers. We will actively participate in activities contributing to the wellbeing of the local community

  1. Local charity is important to us, so we have chosen the Donna Louise Trust to work in partnership with
  2. We will support you by providing solutions to help you with responsible waste disposal
  3. We will only work with suppliers that have a CSR policy in place
  4. We will continue to look for more sustainable methods of waste disposal and recycling
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We will never compromise on safety

  1. The safety of our employees and customers will always be our priority
  2. We will continually review the safety of our staff and customer areas